Loskop Game Reserve

S28° 38’26.637 E24° 55’4.598

Our picturesque Reserve is located outside of the city of Kimberley, which is situated very close to the center of South Africa, right at the eastern edge of the Northern Cape Province. The soil is primarily red sand, which facilitates our style of hunting, the traditional African spot-and-stalk. This habitat consists of diverse terrain with numerous trees of the acacia species, typical bushveld as well as high rocky “kopjes” (hills) making for challenging and exciting hunts. We have an abundant number of species and are well known for large trophies in our reserve.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average high – °CF 33/91 31/88 29/84 25/77 21/70 19/66
Average low – °CF 18/64 17/63 15/59 11/43 6/43 3/37
July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high – °CF 19/66 22/72 25/77 28/82 30/86 32/90
Average low – °CF 3/37 5/41 8/46 12/54 14/57 16/61